Well people the period is over and this is the end of english VI, I have to say teacher Doris has a really good and different way to teach english, I mean visit some interesting web sites, make some presentations about me, my likes and dislikes, talk about thoese things was relly nice, and really helps you to learn or practice your english because you're talking about things that you know or you like them. But Specially create this blog was the real challenge for me, because was the fist time doing this, posting, leaving comments, trying to pimp my blog...lol... try to leave the shy out and do it that’s the way to learn...

About my final project (the podcasting) it was a really nice experience, have recorded an interview, edit it and finally produce and post it, was very interesting. English VI was the first time that i really practice my english writing and speaking it. I tried to do all theses things that i told you in the best way and i hope you have liked them. So THANK YOU TEACHER DORIS for all, we’ll keep in touch. By the way, my partners made a very interesting work, i leave some links, please visit them and leave a comment!:


A little behind the scenes...


My Podcasting

Hey people! There is my podcasting, the IDEA was make it in Guanare's streets (that's why you'll hear sounds efefcts like car's horns and things like that), and walking around looking for people trying to have an interview. I hope you'll like it...

Get the script



Down of this blog i put the movie's trailer...




My Movie's Top Ten!

1.- Butterfly Effect(2004)
Amazing Sci fiction movie, he can come back to the past and changes things that he doesn´t like but those decissions will changes the future too!

2.- The Passion of Christ (2004)
i have no words to describe this movie, it's incredible how long i'ts the God's love!

3.- The Prestige (2006)
If you want to see an awesome movie i strongly recommend it! The Prestige will amaze you at the ennd!
4.- 300
With 300 you have the secure entertainment, you'll not want to stand up of your seat! 300% of pure action!

5.- Catch me if you can (2002)
Incredible True Story movie, this man is uncatchable is a real Genius!

6.-Lord of the Ring (2002-2003)
One of the best Trilogy in the history, nice cast and script!

7.- Matrix (1999 - 2003)

If you want Sci fiction Matrix it's the movie - the three parts - amazing history and creativity from its creators

8.- The Sentinel (2006) Nice Thriller that i ever saw, it has an amazing script!!!

9.- Shrek (2001, 2004, 2007) Comedy? Someone said comedy? Here it is...

10.- Big fish (2003)

Oh man the greatest history is here! This movie gift you an amazing message grow up!


Movies exercise!

Brief introductions – how long teaching – how long making films)

Gareth Rees Interview

Gareth is a filmmaker. He has been teaching for fifteen years, he has worked in China, Spain and London. When he was in London he saw the making films and he has been doing 10 years now, during those years he mades documentaries and shorts fictions films but his plans is made a big blockbuster film something like become very rich. He generally Works as a writer–director, he said writing it’s a very important thing for him right now.

(All discuss last cinema visit : Jackie, Callum and Gareth – kind of cinema – experience and film seen. How experience has changed over the years )


Her last visit was last week, she went to see “VOLVER” by Pedro Almodobar an Spanish film, she absolutely enjoy the film, she said that the film has interesting plots and really well actors.


His last visit was a few weeks ago, he went to see the old black and white silent film with live piano complement he think that it was fantastic, the film its from 1925, it was a history set in the north of England a melodramatic romance.


He visited last weekend the cinema and he saw the world trade center film in a multiplex cinema.

Jackie explain that a multiplex cinema it’s a place where at the same time show different films and also you can buy food, popcorns, drinks. Callum said that these kinds of cinemas are becoming very common now in many places around the world.

Jackie remember that in her first experience in cinemas her mom’s sent her “young get to the pictures” that was a fashion expression usually but now the people just say you want to get to the cinema or the movies. At that time she went to see Snow Washing in the Seven Doors, she said that it was big scary and very dark but she just really loved it. About this, Callum saids the vocabulary have been changes since they were younger, before the people say go to the pictures, they talk pictures but in the American English they talk moving pictures, he means they talk moving to been movies. They conclude that you only have to say go to the cinema!

I strongly believe that the multiplex cinema is the best way to have fun, because if you prefer at the moment that one movie have finished you can enter into another movie and have fun by two with yours friends it’s a really cool thing, i strongly suggest it!

In my last visited, i saw shrek third and it was really fun, i begin going to the cinema in an autocinema, the experience was very fun and different you know saw the movie in your car its really cool thing! But the experience right now it’s very confortable, big wide screen, surround sound, you can buy food, drinks and popcorns.


Today i meet, two new friends a girl and a boy, i want to talk about them:The girl, her name is Jacqueline, she's from Maracaibo and lives there too, she's a student from graphic design school at URBE, She's 19. she likes travel and doesn't like insects and english! her dreams it´s to graduate!The boy, his name is Alejandro, he's 19, he's from Maracaibo, he likes German language also he wants to learn it! he doesn't like smocking! He dreams to travel around the world and meet a lot of people he thinks that english is important to learning!

I hope meet you in the next post so take care!